Web Design Services: Get a Custom Site Optimized for SEO

With a unique and professional SEO standard checklist that is appropriate for various kinds of business industries, we offer professional website design services on our customer’s demand.

Are you suffering from website issues?

Not owning your unique website

The huge amount of potential customers lost as a result of not having or developing your own SEO standard website

"Poor-state" website

Spending lots of money on advertising, yet the website is not in line with SEO standard, resulting in unexpected results.

Utilize existing theme templates

Utilizing existing theme templates for your website could make it weaker when compared to the competitors.

Non-standard SEO

Due to the "non-standard SEO design" of your website, your SEO strategy has not been successful.

Your website is too complicated (sophisticated)

Editing on the website is challenging due to the sophisticated user interface and design features.

Asynchronous Web Design

Building “Bad Impression" with Customers in term of “Brand Identity" due to asynchronous web design

Do you have plans to

Save 50% of your advertising budget

Enhance user experience and improve conversions

SEO Organic Traffic grows rapidly

Reaching and expanding potential customer pool easilier

Corporate branding Building your Brand Awareness

Building your Brand Awareness as well as your Brand Identity

Increase user retention on your website

keep people on the page for as long as possible to enhance the conversion generation

We are here to assist you

With more than 5 years of expertise in the field of SEO, we have confidence in the SEO standard website design developed based on unique criteria we are owning. Our main goal is to enhance organic traffic and ranking for our clients' websites through developing a distinctive and professional website interface.

✅ Standard SEO ⭐️ Easy to Top
✅ UI/UX optimization ⭐️ Increase user experience
✅ Hosting ⭐️ Stable and Highly Secure
✅ Code adds features ⭐️ Conversion optimization
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We are here to assist you in

Website Design UX/UI Standard

The website has a stunning interface, a simple layout, UX/UI standards, is simple to use, and is packed with essential features.

Industry-based design

Your website will be customized depending on each industry to enhance brand awareness, maximize conversions but still stick to your brand guidelines obviously!

Stable and highly secure website

Website has high stability and security, not causing any disruption to business operations

Structural Optimization and Technical

By starting with an SEO structure and technical standards optimized website, you may avoid paying for many adjustments and save money.

Easy to connect CRM, ERP systems

API export is easy to connect to CRM system, order management ERP, quantity of import and export goods,...

SEO standard website design

SEO standard Web design in terms of technical, structure, provided from the leading SEO Agency in Vietnam with more than 1000+ successful clients & students across markets.

Who would benefit from web design services?

Thiết kế website chuẩn seo bán hàng online

Online sellers

Thiết kế web chuẩn seo cho doanh nghiệp

Start-up in the early stage

Thiết kế website chuẩn seo cá nhân

Own direction

Thiết kế web cho doanh nghiệp đổi mới website

Businesses need to change the Website in accordance with the new orientation/ direction

What Makes Clients Prefer Our SEO Services?

More than 798 websites have reached the top thanks to a web design process based on SEO check-lists, which is exclusively available at GTV SEO.

With 3 factors that Understanding business goals, industry traits, and client website expectations allows us to provide the best design solution package.

Utilize a user-friendly drag-and-drop tool to easily manage and create complicated content pages that enable clients to generate ideas for products and services rapidly.

Inbound Marketing tools help measure conversion triggers, valuable pages, and track purchase stages

What distinguishes GTV's SEO standard website design services from others?

SEO standard website design services at GTV Other SEO standard website design services
Install SSL Certificate
Redirect to one version for all www/non-www/index.html versions
URLs can access http & https versions
Canonical tags in the website
Tools google needs to install
Functions in CMS
Automatic table of contents and allows content selection instead of automatically grabbing the most viewed/latest posts
Meta Tags
Tags in <the header > need to be declared
Code & URL
Robot txt
UX - Ecommerce & structure
Optimizing Schema local my business & Organization type
Optimizing sitewide relevance
Blog Category Optimization/td>
Interface layout

Professional website design and consulting process at GTV

Step 1


Step 2

Basic Wiframe Drawing

Step 3

Basic Wiframe Drawing

Step 4

Website design

Step 5


Step 6

Lauching site

Meet our team of experts

đội ngũ thiết kế web

SEO-savvy web design team

As a leading agency in SEO, GTV SEO's SEO standard website design checklist always follows the vision and development trends of Google until 2038.

kinh nghiệm thiết kế web chuẩn seo

Experience in multi-industry website design?

More than +1000 SEO standard web design projects have been successfully handed over and put into operation for customers to help improve user experience and increase conversion rates for websites.

bàn giao dự án thiết kế website chuyên nghiệp

we are always here to assist you

We are ready to support client’s internal teams in transferring resources and website platform after successful acceptance of the project.



More than 5 years of experience


Conversion rate per year


Leads on the Internet


Website Traffic

Typical customers

Price list for full web design services

15 - 20 million VND


Design 3 interfaces
  • Home Page
  • General service or product page
  • Service detail or product detail page
  • Pages by Themes: Contact page, business introduction; Blog, Detailed Blog
Suitable for you

40 million VND


Design 8 interfaces
  • Home Page
  • General service or product page
  • Service detail or product detail page
  • Category Blog Page
  • Introduction page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Article detail page
  • Author page
  • Pages by Themes: Contact page, registration form

50 million VND


Design a full set of interfaces according to needs
  • Home Page
  • General service or product page
  • Service detail or product detail page
  • Category Blog Page
  • Introduction page
  • Portfolio Page
  • Article detail page
  • Author page
  • Contact page
  • Registration form or Popup

After-sales policy
Service maintenance

After the contract maintenance period expires, customers can stop or extend the maintenance contract (20% of the original contract value in the next year). Items in the maintenance contract include:

  • Store backups
  • Fix email not being sent error
  • Functions and interface need editing or updating
  • Make sure the website operates well
  • Instructions, zalo support

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a package website design solution catered to the requirements of our clients, guaranteeing exclusivity in the market.

GTV SEO now offers 4 expert SEO web design packages with prices ranging from 12 to 50 million. The appropriate design package may be chosen by clients based on their demands and financial resources.

A standard SEO website is a website with the structure and tools to create standard SEO content. It's content that search engines can easily crawl.

The entire implementation process will take around one month, from planning, designing and publishing the website.

Customer comments

"I'm not someone familiar with the web, I don't know anything about colors or styles, I also don't know anything about SEO standards or mobile standards. I'm simply a guy who needs to introduce products to my customers. and I see how to display it."

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Phạm Ngọc Trung

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"Wordpress is the best website builder for those who are not technically savvy. I can easily train you how to use it for you to write content. GTV has delegated the right to write, review and manage articles very effectively and conveniently for use."

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Head of Marketing Housse Design

The consulting team at GTV is ready to support you.

  • After receiving registration information, GTV's support team will contact you directly within 24 hours to provide specific advice and quotes.
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