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What is SEO Consulting?

SEO consulting is the process of evaluating the business's current state, comprising these key factors, such as: internal teams, market, and goals,... to give thorough advice to the business's marketing and SEO strategy

From this point, our consulting services provide you an extensive understanding of where your website ranks among the search results on Google.

Since each business is distinctive, we will deeply analyze your demands as well as those of the market to develop the most effective SEO strategy.

Appropriate to

Businesses in need of thorough SEO strategy directions

Appropriate to

Businesses that applied SEO strategies but have yet to be effective

Appropriate to

Businesses aiming to reduce costs and maximize resources

Appropriate to

Businesses aiming to attract more high-qualitied traffic

SEO Consulting Process

Customer Data Collection

Our consulting team will gather data and deeply understand the business's demands on a SEO consultation.


Analysis & Evaluation

Our specialized team will review the website, do market research, and (maybe) conduct tests to know about the business's SEO expertise.



To ensure maximum efficiency and cost-savings for the business, GTV SEO's experienced team will develop an SEO Consulting Roadmap after thoroughly understanding the goals and stakeholders.


Contract Signing

Based on agreed-upon terms, the contract will be signed by both parties.


Execution Process

An in-depth evaluation of the website's health that considers its state, content, UX, UI, technical features, etc. Along with that, GTV will offer clients the essential educational resources they may need to study in advance.

We will develop strategies and detailed action plans for the upcoming 12 months (OKRs, timeline, results) based on our evaluation and analysis.

To reach an agreement on a strategy and website adjustments in line with our standard SEO checklist, we will have meetings with clients.

Following the planned roadmap, we will offer direct training and advice after finalizing and approving the consulting services.

Throughout the whole implementation phase, we will be by the client’s side, ready to assist and address any queries relevant to the consulting services.

6 Reasons Why You Should Choose GTV

Procedure, Checklist & Template Handover

A specific checklist and template for your full SEO project will be sent from our expert team to you, along with the most detailed procedure and execution steps.

Multi-Sector, Multi-Market SEO Experience

400+ SEO projects varied from simple to sophisticated have been successfully implemented in countries such as Vietnam, The UK, Germany and Thailand. You'll have access to a wide range of past prosperous case studies.

Optimizing UX & UI, Conversion, Tracking Consultation

To turn your company website into a consumer generation machine, along with counseling on how to optimize websites for high and consistent traffic, we additionally offer advice on relevant matters like UX/UI standard and tracking metrics.

Online Internal Training Materials

To enhance your SEO knowledge and assist with revision, 100+ hours of online internal training materials, which are exclusively accessible for GTV, will be sent to your team!

Running Integrated Marketing Campaign

With experience running SEO and Inbound Marketing for a variety of businesses. We offer a realistic perspective and the most efficient strategy to integrate SEO into an holistic digital marketing campaign

Experience in Training 1000+ Students

Besides offering SEO services, GTV is a training center for over 1000 students, providing both online and offline choices at various levels. This distinctive point contributes to the professional and outstanding efficacy of our B2B training program.

GTV's SEO Consulting Process

Quy trình tư vấn SEO tại GTV SEO

Have you ever considered working with an experienced SEO team, with individuals who have managed SEO for huge websites, even enterprise-level websites? It goes beyond the typical SEO checklist. You'll get evaluations of the gaps in your SEO approach and advice for how to improve your execution strategy.

This is exactly what you get in our SEO consulting package. With years of experience working with and teaching hundreds of companies, we've realized that the mindset and methods used by many businesses when implementing SEO are holding them back from getting the outcomes they want.

Understanding the operating processes of both SMEs and MNCs. We provide SEO strategy consultancy as well as guidelines on how to optimize and upgrade your method combined with other marketing channels for the most successful result.

What do businesses say about
B2B training courses?

"Before participating in any professional and methodical course like this, the company was still confused and did not have the right direction in developing the website. Fortunately, GTV appeared promptly to support and help us develop the website more and more strongly. They have solid knowledge, a lot of real combat experience, and are also very enthusiastic in guiding and explaining. We hope and will try our best to help the team achieve the goals we have set. Thank you GTV."


Bùi Khả Trí

Marketing Executive - FAMI PRINT

"Our website is SEO for foreign markets, so SEO for the website faces many difficulties due to lack of orientation and standard implementation process. When participating in GTV's SEO consulting program, my team and I were standardized in knowledge and implementation skills, and were guided to create OKRs appropriate to the current company situation. During the training process, GTV supported me with tools, templates and very professional project implementation to help my team have an overview of SEO and more in-depth things."


Nguyễn Thị Lệ Quyên

Marketing Executive - FAMI PRINT

Image of training class at GTV

Typical customers

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logo pops
logo vietmoney
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logo caras
cat tuong
logo bamboo airways
logo Chuyên Tactical
logo Đá M Nghệ Ninh Bình
logo Thành An LTD
Dụng cụ vàng
logo ETEST
logo OMT
logo Gumato
logo Hadi Beauty
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House DSGN
In siêu tốc
Trần Phát
Ninh Tâm Vơng
Nội thất ra khơi
Tin Học Anh Phát

Our consulting team is always ready to hear from you

  • Within 48 hours of receiving your registration information, our support team will contact you to offer advice and a detailed pricing quotation.
  • To receive the most accurate price, please fill out the form with the necessary details, which allows our team to provide you a thorough consultation and competitive pricing.


Our SEO services are appropriate for businesses who want to apply a comprehensive SEO strategy, enhance their website's quality and ranking, and enable it to develop holistically and turn into a sales channel with higher conversion rates. Our consulting services are perfect for companies that have SEO workers currently but require expert SEO agency guidance on their SEO strategy to reach their desired SEO goals as affordably as possible.

At this time, GTV SEO provides training in two different formats: offline in Ho Chi Minh City and online via Zoom to businesses located worldwide. In an effort to provide a solid foundation and save training costs, GTV SEO also offers businesses a variety of online courses.

The length of the SEO consultation session might range from three to six months, or even longer, depending on the objectives and state of the business. Depending on your primary goals, the time required to obtain SEO results might range from 7 to 12 months or even sooner. The business's commitment to the timeline, standard, and roadmap established by GTV SEO, however, will greatly influence whether SEO is effective.

Within the scope of SEO, GTV SEO commits to achieving the results the business sets, from organic traffic to keyword rankings (even potentially in the top 3 or higher). However, the actual results depend on the company's implementation; GTV SEO can only ensure strategies, plans, and execution standards to bring about results. GTV does not commit to conversion rates or orders in SEO consulting services.

GTV SEO can take on SEO consulting for businesses in almost all sectors, whether they are difficult markets, niche markets, local or global. However, for areas that are 18+, illegal, gambling, or short-term small projects, GTV SEO will not undertake them.

The cost of SEO Consulting services depends on factors such as scope of work, KPIs, market, and business potential. Typically, the cost of SEO Consulting services will range from 100 - 350 million VND for a 3-6 month period. Depending on the objectives and the SEO sector, GTV SEO's consulting packages will have different price points. Therefore, please leave your information to receive a detailed quote from GTV SEO.