Đào tạo SEO chuyên nghiệp - Thành thạo SEO chỉ sau 27 giờ.

Mastering the implementation process and effective SEO standards has been proven by more than 1000+ businesses to help you speed up the process of achieving results for your website today.

đào tạo seo khóa kick start

What the media says about us

Are you struggling with any of the following issues?

Lacking knowledge about how to implement SEO strategies successfully
  • What steps should I take to implement SEO? Why take such steps?
  • Among hundreds of methods, which is the most effective and least costly?
  • Why are there shared SEO methods that are successfully applied, but when you implement them on your website, they do not achieve the desired results?
Self-studying for a long time but haven't gotten results yet
  • Too many technical SEO terms make you confused and unable to systematize your knowledge?
  • Why is it necessary to structure the website? Why do backlinks? Traffic users? How are these methods connected?
  • You are a newbie in the industry and cannot review the quality of your work after studying
Lack of time for self-studying
  • There are too many SEO online "teachers", yet you are a manager or CEO and lack the time to study.
  • Not knowing how to measure SEO effectiveness in increasing brand awareness and conversions.
  • Lacks the knowledge to estimate the time and budget that SEO will take.

Introducing SEO Kick-start 2.0 training course

SEO Kick-start 2.0
khóa SEO Kick-start 2.0

Why should you choose the SEO Kick-start 2.0 course?

dao tao seo chuyên sâu

Focus on practical applications

Instructors always integrate case studies and the difference between theory and practice according to your market in the lesson. This gives you confidence when practicing on your website.

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Sustainable Process, Template and Checklist

Researching and the developing long-lasting procedures, standards, and SEO templates have always been top priority of GTV. In only six months, we have effectively educated hundreds of SEO interns to undertake an intensive SEO project.

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Bonus course video

When you register for SEO Kick-start 2.0, you will also receive other SEO courses that GTV is offering worth more than 5,000,000 VND. These courses help you review and upgrade your knowledge after finishing the course.

thực hành seo

Personalize according to learning needs

Each student has their own purpose when learning SEO. Teachers always have exercise sessions to standardize and advise students on how to achieve their goals.

Who should take this course?



Marketers who want to expand their career path with SEO channels can deploy SEO themselves for their assigned websites to achieve the desired results.

SEO Beginner

SEO Beginner

Determined to gain a thorough understanding of SEO in order to comprehend the system's implementation process, self-deploy for business websites, and apply for SEO roles at desired businesses.



Desire to become a Specialist in order to self-deploy SEO for personal or client websites or just to assist current tasks like ads optimisation, sales, social media, etc.

Chủ doanh nghiệp & Manager

Business Owner & Manager

Understand the SEO process so you can deploy it yourself for your business or understand how to operate and invest resources to achieve an effective SEO campaign to help develop your brand, customers & revenue through Website.

Once you've completed the SEO Kick-start 2.0 training course, you've gained

Lộ trình bài bản

Methodical roadmap

Get a clear RoadMap with every step of your SEO implementation. Understand the nature and mindset so you can implement it yourself for your own website right in the course.

Lộ trình bài bản

Comprehensive process

Specific processes and standards help you step by step to achieve your first 5000 - 10,000 organic traffic. How to identify & promote keyword sets that reach the top 5 - top 10 and have high conversions, helping to bring in customers & revenue for the project.

Lộ trình bài bản

SEO Kick-start 2.0 Guidebook

During and after the course, you will receive an accompanying guidebook to answer any SEO terms and methods you have questions about. The standards that accompany each implementation step help ensure technical quality and output results.

Lộ trình bài bản

Proper SEO methodology

You may advance further in SEO without being concerned about Google updates by acquiring a sustainable SEO mindset. Over the past seven years, this Mindset has greatly aided more than 400 businesses in building their brands.

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Easy transfer & practical application

Along with the Guidebook and GTV template, you will also get in-depth training videos on technical procedures. You can review the operations monitor on the implementation and immediately apply it to your website or pass it to the team later.

Lộ trình bài bản

Easily dig deep

The lesson plan is structured to allow you to go more deeply into a particular area of interest. For instance: Content, Onpage, Offsite, Planning,...

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Kick-start 2.0 learning program

I/ Overview & picture of SEO

  • Overview of what SEO is & its benefits for businesses
  • Forms of SEO & Reasons to choose a website
  • SEO Terms in the process that need to be understood.
  • Road map for learning & implementing SEO
  • SEO process & meaning, note each part.
  • SEO Career Path - SEO Career Path.
  • Sources of passive income can be earned with SEO.

II/ Core SEO terms, tools & algorithms

  • SEO tools need to be prepared.
  • Technical SEO terms you need to understand.
  • Timeline delay for SEO implementation
  • Core algorithms to understand (trustrank, page rank, Penguin, panda, rankbrain, hummingbird)

III/ Set SEO campaign goals

  1. Determine the deployment customer portrait.
  2. Identify selected & simulated SEO competitors.
  3. Determine topic priority.
  4. Definition & difference of: Keyword, topic and Modifier Keyword/topic.
  5. What is Customer Search Journey? How to apply it to SEO campaigns to achieve the best effectiveness.

I/ NI/ Keyword research from A - Z

  1. Definition & difference of: Keyword, topic and Modifier Keyword/topic.
  2. What is Customer Search Journey? How to apply it to SEO campaigns to achieve the best effectiveness.
    • Keyword research methods:
    • Why deploy topic cluster deployment??
    • What are the pros & cons of each method and when should you use it?
    • Types of Content that need to be mastered
    • How to Group Keywords into Topics

II/ Planning content marketing for the website

  1. Introducing the content marketing planning template.
  2. 5 funnel levels of content marketing & topic.
  3. Step by step planning content marketing for the website

I/ Create SEO standard content. - P1

  1. What is SEO content? Benefits of SEO standard content.
    • 5 main types of Search intent in SERP.
    • Overview process of writing standard SEO articles.
  2. How to outline content according to SEO standards.
  3. Research additional FAQs & unique content in the article.
  4. Hybrid content and examples.
  5. Note content deployment for:
    • Services & categories.
    • Product.
    • Entity onsite.
  6. Case study Content & topic cluster application.

II/ Practice

  • Outline content content

I/ Practice

  1. Research, outline content.
  2. Plan Content Marketing.

II/ Onpage SEO.

  1. Definition of Onpage SEO.
  2. Checklist Onpage SEO step by step.
  3. Onpage optimization support tools
  4. Demo Onpage SEO optimization.

I/ Onpage SEO.

  1. Review on-page SEO
  2. Onpage SEO optimization notes on other types of content types & intents.
  3. How to get unique images/videos.

II/ Internal link

  1. Definition of Internal link? Why use internal links?
  2. Internal link Theme method
  3. Implement & note internal links in silo structure.
  4. Internal link semantics

III/ Practice

  1. Prepare optimal content.
  2. Basic on-page SEO optimization, inserting internal links,...

I/ Set up basic website structure.

  1. Introduction to silo structure..
  2. Step by step create silo structure & floors.
  3. Create silos and divide blog categories.
  4. Set up a Flat URL structure.

II/ Set up the foundation for the website.

  1. What is trust rank? How to optimize Trust Rank on website & increase conversion rate.
  2. Checklist of Entity onsite pages that need to be created for the website.
  3. Optimized checklist of Entity Brand & Author, case studies and samples.
  4. Footer & header checklist for conversion & trust rank.
  5. Site-wide element for conversion

I/ Checklist of SEO standard websites.

  1. What is an SEO standard website?
  2. SEO standard website checklist: definition - explanation - checklist - how to adjust on the wordpress platform.

II/ Entity offsite & application

  1. What is an offsite entity? Main methods when making offsite entities.
  2. Notes when deploying offsite entities & identifying knowledge graph.
  3. Local SEO optimization checklist. (detailed video attached)

III/ Offsite SEO & Road map synthesis.

  1. Check-in the learning & implementation location in the SEO road map.
  2. Definition backlink? Criteria for selecting quality backlinks.
  3. Q&A

I/ Offsite SEO - Part 2

  1. Types of current backlink models and suitable models for new websites.
  2. Smart Backlink Intersect method
  3. How to deploy backlinks.

II/ Summary of road map

  1. Summary of Road map
  2. Set up initial goals for project & implementation.
  3. Website development roadmap & advanced methods/knowledge to learn more deeply. (what lies beyond kick-start)
  4. Q&A

Learn with GTV's leading SEO experts

Giảng viên đào tạo SEO TPHCM - Thu Thảo

Our SEO Leader, oversees and runs more than 15 different SEO and inbound marketing project marketplaces, both major and small. 2+ years of expertise in organising, managing, and effectively executing SEO projects in the following industries: furniture, cars, website design, water purifiers, kitchen appliances, and beauty products. Participate in consulting and implementing conversion optimisation strategies for businesses that generate revenue.

Đổng Thu Thảo

SEO Leader

giảng viên seo - Lan Vi

Our SEO leaders, lead and operate more than ten SEO project marketplaces. Audit, organise, monitor, and successfully carry out SEO campaigns in the areas of: cologne, sneakers, hygienic supplies, English study abroad,... conquering the Top 3 objective, generating more than 100,000 visitors, and maintaining business sustainability

Đặng Lan Vi

SEO Leader

giảng viên đào tạo seo chuyên nghiệp - Nguyễn Huỳnh Diễm Trang

Our SEO manager, With SEO experience in many different fields with 60% of E-commerce Website and 40% of Services. She and her team carried out research, analysis, and strategy to promote Top & Traffic growth for more than 15 niche markets, wide highly competitive markets such as: Airfare, Entertainment movie applications, home appliances, foreign language centers, E-learning software systems, car batteries, etc.

Nguyễn H. Diễm Trang

SEO Manager

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Tuition fee:4.997.000 VNĐ

SEO Kick-start 2.0 course

Receive a roadmap and standards to help build an SEO Website channel and develop an SEO-er career path now!

  • Duration: 8 sessions

  • Class schedule: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

  • Class hours: 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m


Chose the course that is appropriate for you


4,997,000 VND
Original price: 14,891,000 VND
  • SEO Fundamentals course
  • Platform WordPress lock
  • Keyword Research course
  • Entity schema course
  • SEO MAP course
  • SEO Technical Checklist document
  • Checklist outline document & SEO standard content building
  • Onpage SEO Checklist document
  • Effective Keyword Research Checklist document
  • SEO Project Management Template
  • Template 300 Social Networks need to be created
  • Schema Document For Website Entity (Author & Organization)
  • Content Planning Template
  • SEO Plan Template
  • KPI Planning/SEO Goals Template


14,799,000 VND
Original price: 15,496,000 VND
  • Complete Blueprint course
    (Worth 33,993,000 VND)
  • SEO Fundamentals course
  • Platform WordPress lock
  • Keyword Research course
  • Entity schema course
  • SEO MAP course
  • SEO Technical Checklist document
  • Checklist outline document & SEO standard content building
  • Onpage SEO Checklist document
  • Effective Keyword Research Checklist document
  • SEO Project Management Template
  • Template 300 Social Networks need to be created
  • Schema Document For Website Entity (Author & Organization)
  • Content Planning Template
  • SEO Plan Template
  • KPI Planning/SEO Goals Template


17,799,000 VND
Original price: 18,496,000 VND
  • Complete Blueprint course
    (Worth 33,993,000 VND)
  • 1-1 coaching rate (worth 11 million)
  • SEO Fundamentals course
  • Platform WordPress lock
  • Keyword Research course
  • Entity schema course
  • SEO MAP course
  • SEO Technical Checklist document
  • Checklist outline document & SEO standard content building
  • Onpage SEO Checklist document
  • Effective Keyword Research Checklist document
  • SEO Project Management Template
  • Template 300 Social Networks need to be created
  • Schema Document For Website Entity (Author & Organization)
  • Content Planning Template
  • SEO Plan Template
  • KPI Planning/SEO Goals Template

Not only that, you also get...

khóa đào tạo seo

GTV will host events every three months to assist you in staying informed and interacting with SEO professionals from across the world (online and offline)

If you register to take the final test and complete it well, GTV will write a certificate for you. With the current GTV brand, this will help you a lot in the process of proving your ability when applying for a job.

GTV will provide you with a certificate if you take the final exam and do well on it. With the trustworthiness of the GTV brand in SEO field, this will greatly assist you in demonstrating your qualifications while applying for jobs.

You will be able to connect with trainers and students from the same course through Group Zalo's 24/7 support. All students from K01 will also have access to a Facebook group where they may collaborate and share knowledge.

You will be guided step-by-step in time estimation and resource management by GTV trainers who are leaders and managers with experience managing 10-15 projects at once.

Register now for the SEO training course to receive incentives!

Frequently asked questions

After that, send a message to GTV Fanpage with the successful transfer receipt so that the Fanpage administrator can provide you with the most up-to-date course information.

You just need to notify the Consulting department or Instructor before starting the class. GTV will provide a separate Wordpress website for you to practice throughout the course.

GTV has a group dedicated to course students. Any questions students have will be answered by GTV in the most detailed and complete way.

There won't be any extra charges for you. However, if you would like to practice all of the GTV's techniques, you should purchase SEMRUSH or AHREFS tools (a combined cost of roughly 300,000 VND/month).

By connecting with professors directly through Zoom or in-person, SEO Kick Start is a fundamental course that is upgraded from learning methodologies to the most up-to-date knowledge. From there, students will be able to discuss their courses with specialists in person, enhancing their learning experience and making it appropriate for those who might struggle with video lectures like those used in the SEO Fundamentals course.

GTV believes that you will achieve your goal after finishing the course: "Achieve your first 5,000 Traffic. Create a stepping stone to upgrade your SEO knowledge to a new level." Therefore, if you really want to conquer a higher level, to become a professional SEO-er or be able to manage your own project, you can continue with the SEO Blueprint course: along with many special incentives that GTV will offer exclusively for Kick-start students.

If you have not yet achieved a website with at least > 2000 organic traffic / month or average or higher competitive keywords to the top. Then it is evident that you lack systematic SEO implementation techniques and that your expertise is incomplete. You may consider to take our SEO Blueprint course to achieve more of your goals.

The course at SEO Blueprint is designed with students with at least six months of SEO experience and have achieved certain results. Advanced SEO techniques assist to rank top competitive keywords and repair websites when penalized or updated by Google. Blueprint students are often individuals who have websites with SEO outcomes of 5,000 to several hundred thousand visits per month.

The Blueprint course is concentrated on the website conversion optimisation stage, which is the stage where you already have some organic traffic. Therefore, if you expect to construct a larger site or if you have a quick learning curve, you should enroll in SEO Blueprint courses. You should also register for SEO Blueprint when you first apply for Kick Start to reach 5000–10,000 visitors.

SEO Kick-start 2.0 will cover fundamental concepts but not easy to research in the internet. That implies that while you may conduct your own web research, comprehending the actual nature, having the proper mindset, etc., requires investigation, application, and summarization. Most people learn on their own, and it typically takes them a year or longer to fully comprehend the techniques outlined in kick-start course

GTV has consistently developed and improved methods over the course of seven years to be able to package this expertise along with instructors, documentation, and other materials to support your goals. Get results fast and save time, effort, and issues when you study on your

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