SEO Blueprint 2.0 Course Assist your website become
an amazing customer generation machine after 27 hours

Assist your website become an amazing customer generation machine after 27 hours

More than 200 business owners and SEOs experienced greater customer and revenue growth after six months of applying their strategy with the principles and mindset of SEO BLUEPRINT 2.0.
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✅ Form of learning ⭐️ Offline in Ho Chi Minh City or Online via Zoom
⌛️ Time ⭐️ 11 sessions
🗓 Schedule ⭐️ Monday and Wednesday
⏰ Class ⭐️ 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m

What the media says about us

If you encounter these issues while doing SEO

01. Your website's growth has stopped
  • Website's growth has only been temporary due to its uncertain base.
  • The more new articles you post, the lower your keywords rank
  • Traffic used to be effectively high, but it's currently getting lower and lower day by day
  • Even with simple keywords, your website is impossible to rank first
02. Unsustainable SEO results
  • Website lost top position, organic traffic
  • Using SEO tactics like user traffic, backlinks, and other...
  • Whenever Google makes changes, the website falls in the rankings; there is no indication that it will ever rise again.
  • Despite high traffic, no conversions were generated
03. Not having a specific procedure to build a website SEO channel.
  • Be unsure of how SEO works to build an effective team and control quality.
  • Due to a lack of standards, fails to oversee the team's SEO Website's quality.
  • Having challenges in training the internal team and transferring the SEO method
  • Lack of procedures to turn the SEO website channel into a successful consumer generation channel.

Introducing SEO BLUEPRINT 2.0 Training Course

SEO Blueprint 2.0
khóaSEO Blueprint 2.0

What makes THE SEO BLUEPRINT 2.0 course a good choice?

dao tao seo chuyên sâu

Practical content with Case study

GTV trainers will provide cases that are most relevant to your industry to students. Maybe it's stories of cases going from nothing to something, of penalties and restorations, and of successful SEO conversions.

tài liệu seo

Sustainable Process, Template & Checklist

Researching and the developing long-lasting procedures, standards, and SEO templates have always been top priority of GTV. In only six months, we have effectively educated hundreds of SEO interns to undertake an intensive SEO project.

thực hành seo

Focus on Conversions

Additionally, GTV offers training courses that concentrate on a goal of converting traffic into leads. Regardless of SEO for Services, E-commerce, or Affiliate, this will assist businesses in reducing marketing costs and multi-channel potential hazards.

thực hành seo

SEO BLUEPRINT 2.0 Guidebook and Roadmap

GTV has developed a roadmap accompanied by AN SEO BLUEPRINT 2.0 book that details how to put it into effect whether your website has already been penalized or is brand-new. it is undoubtedly your support anytime you experience issues with your SEO journey.

Who should take this course?


Business owner / Start-up

Business owners, Startups want to turn the web into a sale channel, build Brand through SEO & Content Marketing.

marketing manager

Marketing manager

Marketing Manager wants to understand the SEO overview to successfully manage/train the team and integrate it with the overall digital marketing strategy

Freelancer hay cá nhân

FFreelancer / Personal

Freelancers, individuals want a methodical SEO roadmap to deploy effectively, generate income from their website and customers

SEOer có kinh nghiệm

Experienced SEOs

Structure information from A to Z, seek out knowledge gaps, and keep up with new techniques for enhancing productivity..

Skills gained after SEO training

mindmap seo

Comprehensive SEO drawings from A – Z

With the use of system knowledge, students may develop their own SEO implementation strategy that will get them a top position and 10 times more organic traffic. Each category has complicated demands and processes.

phương pháp seo hiệu quả

Effective, economical and sustainable SEO methods

Google Visions, Trends, and Updates until 2038 form the fundamentals of GTV. With over 400 projects, the techniques have been demonstrated to be persistently successful for over 5 years.


Strategies & Tactics to Get the Best ROI from SEO

The greatest SEO investment efficiency is attained via the optimization of GTV tactics and techniques. The technique aids in improving your website's overall ranking and reduces deployment expenses for things like backlinks and user traffic.

tối ưu tỷ lệ chuyển đổi

Optimizing UX, Website UI and Conversion Experience

To "transform your website into a potential customer generation machine," you must concentrate on user experience and user interface (UX & UI), Google users' search journeys, maximizing conversions on key pages, and more.

thực hành seo

Practice and master knowledge right in the classroom

GTV offers resources, three practice sessions, and examines your website while you are in class while working on given tasks. You will become an expert in knowledge, standardized procedures, and a practical mindset.

chứng chỉ seo

Clear direction in Organic Traffic recovery & growth.

GTV trainers can offer advice on any website issues you're having. Then, discuss how your mindset and SEO strategies have gaps that have resulted in the website being penalized or unable to grow.

Our Achievements


Variety of SEO projects, Global & Local


SEO & Marketing students across Vietnam


Member of the "SEO Community" group


Individuals & Experts


The SEO Blueprint course has updated new knowledge and is taught from 10/08/2023 (version 2.0)
  1. How Google Works and Ranking.
    • How Google crawls, stores & ranks
    • Cost of Revitrval and Content Examples
    • T.T.T and E.E.A.T. Criteria:
      • Definition
      • Why focus on E.E.A.T? E.E.A.T. Optimization Categories
  2. Definitions to grasp in the AI era SEO:
    • Source Context
    • Topical Authortiy
    • Topical Map
    • Semantic Content
    • Entity
    • Core Section
    • Outter Section
    • Customer Journey
    • The Concept & Importance of the Customer Journey
    • User Behavior Analysis & How to Identify Keywords at Each Customer Journey Stage
  3. Content analysis case study (Local & Global).
Part I. Reasearch and the keyword group that follows the Entity
  1. Understand Entity in choosing content writing topics.
    • What is an Entity Attribute?
    • Criteria & Selection of Entity Attribute.
  2. Learn about keyword research and topic categorization based on Entity Attribute/Modifier keywords.
    • Universal keywords research methodology.
    • Topic Cluster method.
    • Expanded list post.
  3. How to group specific keywords.
    • The Importance of Keyword Groups in SEO.
    • Standard & fast Keyword Group implementation process.
  4. Research &; Define Core Section &; Outter Section.
  5. Momentum, definition & implementation.
    • What is Momentum? Why does Momentum affect SEO results?
    • Intial Ranking and Re-ranking: How the Google algorithm works.
    • What is historical data?
  6. Prioritize content deployed in Customer Journey.
Part II. Build SEO content to help beat the competition
  1. 9 Type of main content intent.
  2. The Outline Content implementation process ensures SEO criteria.
Part III. How to write standard SEO articles for each type of content
  • Define a standard SEO content article in the eyes of Google & Users..
  • Standard SEO Content article checklist.
  • GPT / Bing AI chat application into SEO content writing.
Part I. Content writing criteria based on Cost Of Retrival (basic).
  • Criteria for writing standard SEO content articles
  • Note when implementing YMYL (Your Money Your Life) marketplace
  • The importance of content layout and visual content.
Part II. Content Marketing Strategy
  1. Benefits and implementation.
  2. Apply content marketing & multi-channel Digital Markteing to optimize business conversion rates.
  3. Site-wide checklists affect conversions.
  1. Define Topical Maps.
  2. Research & outline standard SEO articles
  3. Write articles/reviews (if any)
Full Content Audit
  1. Effective Content Audit implementation process
    • Step 1. Data collection
    • Step 2. Analysis: Content Categorization & Action:
    • Step 3: How to Create a Content Audit Report & Plan Edit the Content Audit
    • Step 4: Implement Content Audit Editing
  2. Notes on Content Audit
    • Define goals - results achieved
    • Content Type Classification When Implementing
      • Website Ecommerce: Cate - Sub Cate - Product - Blog
      • Website Services: Services - Blog - Newss
    • Priority order of implementation Content Audit Editing
    • The criteria give the order of priority for implementing Content Audit editingt
  3. Live demo setup & audit
  4. Effective case study Content Marketing & SEO in attracting, nurturing & converting visitors on the sitee
Part I: Ecommerce Website Structure - Part 1
  1. Introduction, definition, benefits.
  2. Build a topical map - the optimal site structure for Cost Of Retrieval.
  3. Specific instructions for building a website structure for Ecommerce.
  4. Case study A - Z creates an Ecommerce website structure.
Part II: Website Structure, Services & Blogs - Part 2
  1. Guide to create the structure of the Service website.
  2. Instructions for building a Blog/information website structure.
Part I: Checklist: Optimizing UX & UI of Website Structure
  • Practise
  • Edit structure assignments
Part 2: FAQ
Part I: Onpage applying Topical Authority
  1. Overview - Checklist and Onpage SEO standards (advanced by topical authorityy)
    • Onpage Cate
    • Product
    • Service Page
    • Detailed Blog
  2. How to optimize SEO Onpage Automation
Part II: Internal linking
  1. An Overview of Links and How Google Crawls and Linkjuice
  2. Internal linking and effective linking model.
    • N-T-D (silo)
    • Topic Cluster
  3. Advanced Internal Linking - Trust and Traffic, Easy Win Method
  4. Hubpage
  5. How to plan and manage internal links for the overall website
Part I: Schema Structure
  • What is an introduction? Why use.
  • How does Schema connect to Entity?
  • Core Schema templates: Organization, Person, Breadcrumb, Product, Blogposting, Service
  • Considerations when implementing Schemaa
Part II: Editing Assignments & FAQs
  • Edit Onpage/Internal link assignments
Part I: Technical SEO
  • How to tell if a website is making a Technical error.
  • Core Web Vitual and how to optimize Mobile Technical
  • How to use sitemaps and robots.txt to block bots.
  • How to optimize Technical for multilingual SEO website (if any)
Part II: Advanced Entity
  • Entity schema: Organization, Person
  • Social stack: The importance and notes of effective implementation
  • Syndication - Standards for social distribution and care
  • Set Up Offsite Entities for Advanced SEO URLs
Part I: Backlinks
  1. Algorithmic scenes affect Backlinks.
  2. How to estimate backlinks to implement is according to link balance density.
  3. Audit backlinks and handle backlinks effectively.
  4. Notes when implementing backlinks for new websites and active websites.
Part II: Summary
  • Summarize knowledge of 10 lessons
  • Share case studies & note points of the website, students need to focus on priorities
  • Awarding certificates

Learn with GTV's leading SEO experts

giảng viên đào tạo seo chuyên nghiệp - Nguyễn Huỳnh Diễm Trang

Nguyen H. Diem Trang

SEO Manager

With SEO experience in many different fields with 60% of E-commerce Website and 40% of Services. She and her team carried out research, analysis, and strategy to promote Top & Traffic growth for more than 15 niche markets, wide highly competitive markets such as: Airfare, Entertainment movie applications, home appliances, foreign language centers, E-learning software systems, car batteries, etc.

giảng viên đào tạo seo chuyên sâu Minh Phương

Nguyen Minh Phuong

Senior Content Leader

With the mindset ”Put myself in the user's shoe." Phuong and his colleagues have been successful in assisting websites across various areas, such as Sneakers, Study abroad, Sports, English,... growth beyond expectations. With Phuong, effective content has to enhance user satisfaction and generate revenue.

Giảng viên đào tạo SEO TPHCM - Thu Thảo

Dong Thu Thao

SEO Leader

SEO Leader, manage and operate 15+ large and small SEO and Inbound Marketing project markets at GTV. 2+ experience in planning, supervising and successfully implementing SEO projects in the field of: Furniture, Automobiles, Website Design, Water Purifier, Kitchen Equipment, Beauty.... Participate in consulting and implementing conversion optimization campaigns that bring revenue value to businesses to develop

giảng viên seo - Lan Vi

Dang Lan Vi

SEO Leader

SEO Leader, manage and operate 10+ SEO project markets at GTV. Audit, plan, monitor and successfully implement SEO projects in the field of: Perfume, Sneakers, Sanitary equipment, English Study abroad,... Conquer the Top 3 target and Traffic more than 100K and maintain sustainability for businesses

Chuyên gia SEO Đỗ Anh Việt

Vincent Do


Establishing GTV SEO, the top SEO and inbound marketing agency in Vietnam, grew from zero to hundreds of individuals in just three years. Shared & Trained thousands of SEOs and Digital Marketers through courses and seminars.

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SEO Blueprint 2.0

11.499.000 VND

Receive drawings and roadmaps to help your website become a potential customer attraction machine with SEO & Content Marketing. Grow x5 - x10 Organic traffic today!

  • Duration: 11 sessions
  • Class schedule: Monday and Wednesday
  • Class hours: 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m
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Learn Offline directly in class in Ho Chi Minh City with instructors.

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11.499.000 VND
  • SEO Blueprint 2.0 course
  • Free SEO Tool & SEO Guidebook
  • Keyword Research Document
  • Entity schema documentation
  • Audit Content & technical. technical
  • E-commerce SEO documents
  • Google Map SEO documents
  • SEO Fundamentals Document
  • Basic WordPress documents
  • Templates, Schema Tools & Case study
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Pro lock

14.499.000 VND
  • SEO Blueprint 2.0 course
  • Free SEO Tool & SEO Guidebook
  • Keyword Research Document
  • Tài liệu Entity
  • Audit Content & technical
  • E-commerce SEO documents
  • Google SEO documents
  • SEO Fundamentals Document
  • Basic WordPress documents
  • Templates, Schema Tools & Case study
  • 1-1 (Worth 11,000,000 VND)
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Not only that, but you also get....

khóa đào tạo seo

Join a life-long support network

You will be able to connect with trainers and students from the same course through Group Zalo's 24/7 support. All students from K01 will also have access to a Facebook group where they may collaborate and share knowledge.

Your knowledge frequently updated in events spoken by leading experts

GTV will host events every six months to assist you in staying informed and interacting with SEO professionals from across the world. You receive 1 free ticket as an SEO BLUEPRINT 2.0 student.

How to Make a Complete SEO Plan & Execution Management.

You will be guided step-by-step in time estimation and resource management by GTV trainers who are leaders and managers with experience managing 10-15 projects at once.

How to Run a Project with Stakeholders

Furthermore, GTV has given you a way to collaborate with other departments, including those dealing with products, IT, and sales, all while ensuring common goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of the SEO Blueprint training program at GTV consist of: The program regularly refreshes the most recent SEO information; teaching techniques, direct practice on a case study provided by the student; When the course has ended, thorough support is still offered for the students.

BLUEPRINT 2.0 is based on two main principles: Topical Authority and Cost of Retrieval (first shared by Koray - Expert SEO Global). This is a method to help your website be classified and ranked on par with the websites with the leading authority in the industry (Authority Website). Then combine it with optimizing Cost Of Retrieval (Google's retrieval cost) to help your website "surpass" your market Authority Site

The BLUEPRINT 1.0 process is still very effective in the current global and Vietnamese markets. However, in anticipation of Google's big update at the end of 2023 when it launches "Google Gemini" in the AI world, BLUEPRINT 2.0 will accelerate SEO efficiency by at least 2 times compared to the Blueprint 1.0 process. This helps your website stay afloat in the coming years when the "wave" of AI content is landing.

More than 400 projects, across a variety of industries and levels of competition, both local and global ones, have validated GTV's professional SEO training methodology. Please refer to the case studies that have been implemented by GTV and have results of sustainable development, conversion generation and revenue.

Along with offline SEO training programs like SEO BLUEPRINT 2.0, GTV also offers SEO online training through Zoom. Additionally, GTV provides online SEO classes by experts, which have taught more than 1200+ SEOs, marketers, and company owners how to attract organic traffic and turn it into potential customers. See here for details about the online course!

Among various options available out there, we believe that with these 11 sessions, you will fully understand GTV's sustainable SEO process.

Students will learn concepts quickly with the clear instruction that is applied effectively in class. A specialist team of SEO GTV training center will hold your hands and provide you with strong guidance.

A guidebook, a template with lessons, a professional certificate, and the chance to work for GTV are waiting for you!

The advanced SEO training course provides a proven SEO process through more than 150+ projects, multi-field, different competitive levels, both domestic and international, will help you confidently implement SEO proficiently on 1 project effectively.

The advanced SEO training course offers an SEO methodology that has been successfully implemented on more than 150 projects across many industries and levels of competition, both domestically and internationally. This will enable you to confidently apply SEO effectively to your projects

Obviously. A support group for learners is always available at GTV. In case you experience any difficulties carrying out the project after the course, we are always here to provide you with the most thorough and extensive guidance.

4.7/5 - (312 votes)
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