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If you encounter these problems when doing SEO


Website stopped growing

  • The website only grew for a short time due to an unstable foundation
    The more you post new articles, the more old keywords lose their rankings
  • There used to be high rankings and great traffic, but now the traffic and rankings are decreasing every day
  • Unable to reach the top desired keyword, even with easy keywords


SEO results are not sustainable
  • Website dropped from top ranking, organic traffic
  • Too dependent on SEO techniques such as backlinks, user traffic,…
  • The website drops from the top every time Google updates, and doesn’t even show any signs of coming back
  • Lots of traffic but no conversions


There is no process to develop SEO Website channel
  • Don’t know how SEO works for quality control and team building.
  • Unable to manage the team’s website SEO quality due to lack of standards.
  • Lack of process to develop website SEO channel into effective customer attraction channel.
  • Don’t know how to expand & create conversions from SEO Website to cut down on Ads investment costs.

Introducing the BLUEPRINT AI SEO training course

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The privilege of registering to learn SEO BLUEPRINT AI at GTV is...

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Apply AI to your entire SEO project

You will understand the nature of AI, how to use it - the right mindset. With more than 30+ sample prompts and how you can build more prompts for yourself. This can help save at least 50 million - 100 million VND in costs for each implementation project, while accelerating the results achieved by more than 5 times compared to traditional SEO.

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Get a sustainable process, Template and Checklist

Instructors will practice and apply course knowledge directly on students' projects to help easily absorb and apply knowledge. In addition, students are directly analyzed by GTV instructors on case studies related to their SEO field.

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Focus on Conversions

GTV also has learning modules focusing on the goal of converting traffic into Leads. This will help businesses cut advertising costs and reduce multi-channel investment risks regardless of SEO for Services, E-commerce or Affiliate...

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Get the BLUEPRINT AI SEO Guidebook and roadmap

When registering for the course, students will receive the latest updated SEO BLUEPRINT AI book; Standard files deployed in each category in each lesson; SEO roadmap from A to Z; Certificate at the end of the course and access to a closed group to support GTV students for life.

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Get the BLUEPRINT AI SEO Guidebook and roadmap

When registering for the course, you will receive Guide Book SEO BLUEPRINT; AI application prompt file; Standard files deployed in each category in each lesson; SEO roadmap from A to Z; Certificate at the end of the course and access to a closed group to support GTV students for life.

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Group support to answer questions

After registering for the course, students will be added to the general Facebook/Zalo group by the admin. During the learning process, if students have any questions or do not understand something, they will receive specific answers and detailed explanations from instructors and experts at GTV.

Khoá học phù hợp với đối tượng nào?

chu doanh nghiep 1

Business owner/Start-up

Business owner, Startup wants to build the website into a sales channel, build Brand through SEO & Content Marketing.


Marketing manager

Marketing Manager wants to understand SEO overview to successfully manage/train teams and incorporate overall Digital Marketing strategy.

freelancer hay ca nhan web


Freelancers and individuals want to have a methodical SEO roadmap to implement effectively and generate income from their website and customers.

seoer co kinh nghiem

Experienced SEOer

Systematize knowledge from A - Z, detect knowledge gaps and update new methods to improve work efficiency.

Skills gained after SEO training course

Group 7

Comprehensive SEO blueprint from A - Z

Knowledge system and helps students draw their own SEO implementation process from 0 to Top Rank and x10 Organic Traffic. Corresponding to each category are advanced standards and methods.

Group 12

SEO method is effective, economical and sustainable

GTV is based on Google vision and trends and updated to 2038. The methods have been proven to be effective and sustainable for more than 5 consecutive years with more than 450 projects.

Group 12

Strategies & Tactics to get the best ROI from SEO

GTV strategies & methods are optimized to achieve the best SEO investment efficiency. The method helps you rank the overall website well, optimize deployment costs such as Backlinks, Traffic Users,...

Group 7

Optimize UX experience, website UI and Conversions

To "transform your website into a potential customer attraction machine", you need to pay attention to UX & UI; Google users' search journey; Optimize conversions on important pages,

Group 7

Practice and master knowledge right in the classroom

GTV provides tools and 3 practice sessions and reviews your website right in class with assigned exercises. You will grasp the knowledge, standard processes and master the implementation mindset.

Group 12

Clear direction in restoring & growing Organic Traffic.

GTV lecturers will advise on website errors you are encountering. From there, point out the flaws in your mindset & SEO method that cause your website to be penalized or unable to grow.

Group 12

AI application thinking as SEO leverage

Understand how to apply AI - how to set AI prompts to be able to provide the most standard results in the process of Research, Audit, Analysis and SEO Optimization.

With AI, when applied correctly, you can save 4-5 times your costs
Time – Effort – Human resources compared to before, while speeding up and ensuring SEO efficiency by 4-5 times. Don’t miss the opportunity of pioneers when applying AI

Our achievements


SEO projects in diverse fields, Global & Local


SEO & Marketing students spread throughout Vietnam


Member of group “SEO Community”


Human Resources & Experts

BLUEPRINT AI SEO learning program

The SEO Blueprint course has updated new knowledge and included it in lectures on March 1, 2023 (AI version)

In the beginning, introduce the lecturer, exchange and share the students’ concerns.

Overview of SEO sessions roadmap and importance

Part I: Cost of Retrieval & How Google actually works today.

How is the current Google crawl, store & ranking different from before?
Cost of Revitrval and Content examples
T.T.T and E.E.A.T criteria:
Why focus on E.E.A.T? E.E.A.T optimization items.

Part II: Introduction & Mindset AI when applied to SEO

Popular & effective AI tools
Thinking about applying AI to SEO

Part III: Definitions to understand in SEO in the AI era:

Topical Authortiy
Source Context
Content analysis case study (Local & Global).

Part I: Customer Journey, Entity Attribute Thinking

Customer Journey
Concept & Importance of Customer Journey.
Analyze user behavior & How to identify keywords at each stage of the Customer Journey
Understand Entity Attribute in choosing Topic to write content
What is Entity Attribute?
Entity Attribute Criteria & Selection.

Part II: Research Keywords

Universal keywords research method.
Expanded list posts.
– AI in keyword research, building supporting Topical Map & Research Topic Cluster

Part III: Keyword Group Sticking to Entity

How to group specific keywords.
The importance of Keyword Groups in SEO.
Keyword Group deployment process is standard & fast.
Classify topics based on Entity & source context
AI in keyword grouping in the early stages
Research & Identify Topics that need to be implemented.
Determine the priority order of content deployed in the Customer Journey.

Part I. Understanding user intent

9 types of Intent in user query

Part II. Content writing criteria are based on Cost Of Retrival (Basic).

Criteria for writing standard SEO content articles
Notes when implementing YMYL (Your Money Your Life) market
The importance of content layout and visual content.

Part III. How to write SEO standard content for each type of content

Defining a standard SEO Content article in the eyes of Google & Users
What is Information Resonanceness? How to apply in content
Checklist standards for SEO standard Content articles.
GPT / Bing AI chat application to write SEO-standard content.

Part I: Overall Content Audit Process

Effective Audit Content deployment process
Step 1. Collect data
Step 2. Analyze: Classify Content & Take Action
Step 3: How to Create Audit Content Report & Plan Edit Audit Content
Step 4: Deploy Audit Content Editing
Live demo of setup & audit

Part II: Notes About Audit Content

Determine goals – achieved results
Classify Content Type when deploying
Ecommerce Website: Cate – Sub Cate – Product – Blog
Service Website: Services – Blog – News
Priority order for implementing Audit Content editing
The criteria provide priority for implementation

Part III: AI – Review Outline Quality & Corresponding Content

  1. Solve Research keywords exercise, keyword group.
  2. Research & outline SEO standard articles

Part I: Setting up a standard SEO website structure
I/ ECOMMERCE website structure.

Introduction, definition, benefits.
Specific instructions for creating website structure for Ecommerce.
Case study A – Z creating an Ecommerce website structure.

II/ Website structure SERVICES & BLOG

Instructions for creating a Service website structure.
Case study of service website structure.
Instructions for creating a blog/information website structure.
Case study of blog/information structure

Part II: SEO & Converion – Optimization Process x2 Website Conversion Rate Through SEO

Checklist for optimizing UX & UI of website structure
Site-wide checklists influence conversions.

  • Edit Audit Content article.
  • Edit article Website structure

Part I: Onpage Applying Topical Authority

Overview – Checklist and Onpage SEO standards (advanced according to topical authority)
Onpage Cate
Service page
Blog Details
How to optimize SEO Onpage Automation
AI – Research Name Entities, semantic keywords

Part II: Internal links

An overview of Link and how to Google Crawl and Linkjuice
Internal linking and effective linking model.
N-T-D (silos)
Topic Cluster
Internal link Advanced – Trust and Traffic, Easy Win Method
How to plan and manage Internal links for the entire website

  • How to know if your website is having technical errors.
  • Take full advantage of Google Search Consolve in Audit Technical
    Core Web Virtual and how to optimize Mobile Technical.
  • How to use sitemaps and robots.txt to block bots.
  • Technical optimization methods for multilingual SEO websites (if any)

Part I: Core Entities & Advanced

Core Entity building and optimization process
Social stack: Importance and notes for effective implementation.
Syndication – Standard for social dissemination and care.
Entity schema: Organization, Person
AI – Entity: Review, optimize Entity (About, author, bio,…)

Part II: Schema

What is an introduction? Why should you use it?
How does Schema connect to Entity?
Core Schema templates: Organization, Person, Breadcrumb, Product, Blogposting, Service
Points to note when implementing schema

Part I: Backlinks

Evaluate the situation affecting Backlinks.
How to estimate backlinks needs to be implemented according to link balance density.
Audit backlinks and handle backlinks effectively.
Notes when deploying backlinks for new websites and already operating websites.

Part II: Detailed SEO plan & Summary

Detailed plan for website SEO implementation (new/old)
Final exam of the course.
Sharing case studies & notes of the website students need to prioritize
Awarding of certificates

Module AI

Part I: Mindset for AI applications

AI: Effective thinking and applications.
Understanding LLM, NLP: Using NER & NED effectively in SEO and Prompt creation

Part II: Applications of AI in SEO (More than 30+ Advance Prompts)

Keywords Research: Research additional Name Entities, Semantic Keywords, Research Topic Cluster
Research Hidden Gem keywords
Content AI: Write complete AI content, Create outline supplemental content with AI
Audit Content: Classify content, filter Top Page content.
Optimize content to macro – micro semantic standards; standard lexical semantics.
Onpage SEO: Optimize advanced schema quickly.
Competitors Analysis: Analyze and select competitor websites to create an SEO strategy
Internal link: Make an internal link plan
Suggest anchor text and location for backlinks & internal links
Entity: Review and optimize Entity (About, author, bio,…) to help increase overall website ranking.

PART III: Upgrade

Upgrade AI and expand prompts beyond the scope of the course: Helps you invent your own prompts.

Learn with GTV's leading SEO experts

Diem Trang

Nguyen H. Diem Trang

SEO Manager

Experience in SEO in many different fields with 60% E-commerce Website and 40% Services, she and her team have coordinated research, analysis and planning strategies to promote Top & Traffic growth for more than 15 markets. Niche markets, different large competitive markets such as: Airline tickets, Entertainment movie applications, home appliances, Foreign language centers, E-learning software systems, car batteries...
minh phuong

Nguyen Minh Phuong

Senior Content Leader

Phuong has experience in content strategy planning, market analysis and target customer behavior research for both e-commerce and service projects. With the mindset of "Put myself in user's shoe", Phuong and his teammates have successfully helped websites in many markets such as Sneaker, Study Abroad, Sports, English,... grow beyond expectations. For Phuong, good content needs to bring benefits to users and conversions to businesses.
dong thu thao

Dong Thu Thao

SEO Leader

SEO Leader, manages and operates 15+ large and small SEO and Inbound Marketing project markets at GTV. 2+ experience in planning, monitoring and successfully implementing SEO projects in the fields of: Furniture, Cars, Website design, Water purifiers, Kitchen equipment, Beauty... . Participate in consulting and implementing Conversion optimization campaigns that bring revenue value to growing businesses
dang lan vi

Dang Lan Vi

SEO Leader

SEO Leader, manages and operates 10+ SEO project markets at GTV. Audit, plan, monitor and successfully implement SEO projects in the fields of: Perfume, Sports Shoes, Sanitary Equipment, English Study Abroad,... Conquer the goal of Top 3 and more Traffic 100K and maintain sustainability for businesses
do anh viet

Vincent Do


Build SEO GTV - Agency SEO & Vietnam's No. 1 Inbound Marketing went from 0 to 100 employees in 3 years.
Share & Training thousands of SEOers and Digital Marketers through courses studies and conferences.
Group The largest SEO community in Vietnam with > 55,000 members and YouTube Channel share SEO knowledge & Marketing Vincent Do > 25,000 subscribers.
See more details about Vincent Do >

Students' comments

Results of students and customers of GTV

Image of students in the SEO BLUEPRINT class at GTV

Units cooperating with GTV SEO

SEO Blueprint AI

Receive drawings and roadmaps to help your website become a potential customer attraction machine with SEO & Content Marketing. Grow x5 – x10 Organic traffic with AI leverage today!

  • Duration: 11 sessions
  • Class schedule: Monday and Wednesday (2 sessions/week)
  • Class hours: 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m

Learn Offline

Learn Offline directly in class in Ho Chi Minh City with instructors.


Study Online

Study online via Zoom with instructors


11,499,000 VND

BP AI Advance

14,499,000 VND


19,997,000 VND

Free SEO Tool & SEO Guidebook check check check
Keyword Research Document check check check
Entity schema documentation check check check
Audit Content & technical check check check
E-commerce SEO documents check check check
Google Map SEO Document check check check
SEO Fundamentals check check check
Basic WordPress Documentation check check check
Template, Schema Tool & Case study check check check
Entity Optimization Documentation check check check
Google SEO Documents check check check
In-depth AI module check check
Coaching 1:1 (Worth 11,000,000 VND) check

Not only that, you also get...

loi ich tham gia khoa dao tao seo gtv

Join the lifelong support group

You will be able to join the Zalo Group for 24/7 support with lecturers and students of the same course. In addition, there will be a general Facebook group for all students from K01 to exchange knowledge.

Periodic events update knowledge from leading experts.

Every 6 months, GTV will organize events to help you update your knowledge and interact with SEO-ers from all over the world. As a SEO BLUEPRINT student, you get 1 free ticket.

How to Create a Complete SEO Plan & Execution Management.

Instructor at GTV – currently a Leader/Manager who manages 10-15 projects at the same time, will guide you step by step to calculate time and allocate resources.

How to operate the project with Stakeholders

GTV also provides you with a way to team work with a variety of departments from the product department to the IT and Sales departments while still ensuring a common goal.

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Frequently asked questions

The BLUEPRINT SEO training course at GTV has advantages: the course continuously updates the latest SEO knowledge in the world; Students’ learning and practice methods directly on Case Studies; Support students immediately after completing the course;…

Because AI has just been born and in 2024, there are still very few people who understand and apply it as successfully as GTV. Be a pioneer, you can have the opportunity to create 4 – 5 years of cumulative results in just one year with AI. And only pioneers can seize this opportunity early.

When everyone applies A.I, this opportunity will no longer exist, but it will be a must for you to do. So don’t wait any longer!

You may have many choices for SEO courses on the market, but the 11 sessions of SEO Blueprint help you easily grasp GTV’s sustainable SEO method. With teaching methods applied right in class, students will easily grasp knowledge. You will receive hand-holding and dedicated guidance from a team of experts at GTV SEO training center.

When studying directly at GTV, you will be able to apply practical information from your own SEO project. From there, the instructor will analyze and point out each error and the most effective way to fix it. In addition, the instructor also answers from A to Z any questions you may have during the project implementation process.

And there are many other benefits such as: Exclusive Guide Book, Category Template with lessons, Professional Certificate, Opportunity to become a GTV employee is waiting for you!

BLUEPRINT AI is based on two main principles: Topical Authority and Cost of Retrieval (first shared by Koray – Expert SEO Global). This is a method that helps your website be classified and ranked on par with websites with industry-leading trust (Authority Website). Then combine with optimizing Cost Of Retrieval (Google’s retrieval cost) to help your website “surpass” your market Authority Sites.

The previous BLUEPRINT SEO process is still very effective in both the Vietnamese market and the current Gobal market. However, in anticipation of Google’s update when launching “Google Gemini” in the AI world, Blueprint AI will accelerate SEO efficiency at least x2 times compared to the previous Blueprint process. This helps your website stay on top with the most optimal and effective AI methods.

The BP AI Basic course still shares AI Thinking for you in each corresponding lesson content according to the program above. However, we will not share in-depth, specific details about algorithms, sample promt and principles for writing standard promt like the BP AI Advance course.

Registering for the BP AI Advance Course, you will learn one more session about the algorithm-intensive AI Module, attached sample prompts and you can create your own standard prompts for every goal you need to implement SEO.

When studying directly at GTV, you will be able to apply practical information from your own SEO project. From there, the instructor will analyze and point out each error and the most effective way to fix it. In addition, the instructor also answers from A to Z any questions you may have during the project implementation process.

And there are many other benefits such as: Exclusive Guide Book, Category Template with lessons, Professional Certificate, Opportunity to become a GTV employee is waiting for you!

GTV’s professional SEO training method has been proven through more than 400 projects, multi-field with different levels of competition, regionally and internationally. Please refer to the Case Studies that have been implemented by GTV and have resulted in sustainable development, generating conversions and revenue.

GTV recommends that you need to have basic knowledge about SEO for > 6 months. To most effectively absorb the knowledge of 11 SEO BLUEPRINT sessions. Blueprint students are usually those who have website SEO results from 5,000 up to several hundred thousand traffic/month, but do not have a systematic process to build & develop SEO websites, advanced SEO methods help Compete for difficult keywords, restore website when penalized/Google Update.

If your SEO knowledge is still limited, GTV recommends that you choose to study the course “SEO Kickstart” – This is an SEO course that fully meets the foundation knowledge for beginners to conquer their first traffic from SEO.

In addition to Offline SEO training programs in Ho Chi Minh City such as SEO BLUEPRINT 2.0, GTV still provides Online SEO training programs via Zoom. In addition, GTV also provides Online SEO courses through professional video lectures, which have helped more than 1200+ SEOers, Marketers and business owners learn how to successfully attract and convert Organic traffic into customers. Details of Online courses, you can see right here!

Yes of course. SEO Blueprint will help you find the flaws that make your project unsuccessful, by providing actual evidence of errors & project implementation notes through each case study of the Advanced SEO training course that provides the process. SEO has been proven through more than 450+ projects, multi-field, different levels of competition, both domestically and internationally, which will help you confidently deploy SEO proficiently on a project effectively. GTV has been successful and is in the same field as you. In addition, you will be given hands-on instructions to correct each error your website is encountering.

Yes of course. SEO Blueprint will help you find the flaws that make your project unsuccessful, by providing actual evidence of errors & project implementation notes through each case study of GTV that has been successful and in the same field as Friend. In addition, you will be given hands-on instructions to correct each error your website is encountering.

Currently, GTV cannot provide your own AI account. Because of the security factor and long-term use for you. So before joining the course, please help the teacher equip the tools themselves ^^

Yes of course. GTV has a group to support students. After the course, if you have difficulty implementing the project, the instructor is ready to guide you in the most detailed and complete way.