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Introducing GTV SEO

We are an agency that implements SEO and inbound marketing to develop efficient marketing solutions. This strategy helps businesses acquire potential consumers, establish relationships with them, and turn them into loyal consumers. Together with your company, we will envision success. On top of that, we constantly collaborate with businesses to build and promote their brand identities. As one of the top Inbound Marketing & SEO agencies in Vietnam, we take great pride in enhancing and broadening the range of services we offer to the market. Follow us to learn more about incredible things we can achieve together!

Competency profile/Portfolio

Brand Story

We are GTV SEO

In November 2016, Đỗ Anh Việt (Vincent Đỗ) and his colleagues established GTV, marking a remarkable turning stage in their research and efforts in the field of SEO. In earlier years, due to the fact that we hadn't yet won the market's confidence, our company initially faced several challenges, containing financial limitations, lack of physical infrastructure and human resources. Thế nhưng, bằng sự nỗ lực không ngừng, GTV đã và đang được gặt hái được nhiều thành tích nổi bật. However, GTV has grown significantly as a result of endless efforts. More than 400 businesses have benefited from our growth-driven strategies. Additionally, over 10 SEO-related events for businesses and students were hosted by GTV in the past six years. We have also been dedicated to sharing kindness with the world through yearly volunteer programmes Even now, GTV SEO is continuously conducting lots of research on marketing strategies for both local and global companies. In addition to SEO solutions, we also concentrate on inbound marketing solutions for SMEs and MNCs.

Enterprise Value

Core values and business philosophy

We always keep in mind and embrace our 5 fundamental values, which also serve as our business philosophy.

Becoming Masters/ Experts of Experience & Skills

We continually strive to get more proficient in what we do. To achieve the most effective results, we constantly enhance our professional knowledge and abilities in an effort to provide the best values

Growing with a Progressive Mindset

We never focus on short-term results. For us, the long term success of whatever we do is key. GTV is committed to growing our team members and clients successfully day by day

Integrity & Transparency

Consistency between thought, action, and words is the core value of integrity that we constantly pursue. Our key objective is always to offer value for our clients and fellow members, thus we concurrently ensure transparency and clarity in how each policy and work is carried out.

Autonomy & Responsibility

Each GTV member has control over their jobs, resources, and projected budgets. Additionally, GTV-ers never complain or blame others or situations; rather, we constantly maintain a strong sense of personal responsibilities for whatever we do.

Wholehearted Dedication to Every Task

Everything we do at GTV is done with passion, belief, and highly spirit. We not only strive for outstanding results but also give our all in volunteer trips and monthly/quarterly.


Board of Director

Đỗ Anh Việt

CEO & Head of Product

Châu Kim Ngân

Business Development Manager

Ng. Huỳnh Diễm Trang

Training & SEO Manager

Trần Quang Thảo

IT & Web Development Leader

Nguyễn Thị Kim Chi

HR Director

Nguyễn Huỳnh Thùy

Accountant Director


Corporate culture

GTV culture was formed in the early stages of the business's establishment, between late 2016 and early 2017. This is the blueprint for bringing GTV to the current stage of its successful growth

Focusing on the client's goals

With a win-win mindset, we constantly dedicate our full efforts to the benefit and delivery of the best value to every client, both external customers (those to whom we provide services) and our own staff (our dynamic and talented GTV-ers).

Humble - Straight - Understanding

Keeping the 'I don't know' attitude to broaden our vision and pursue self-improvement. GTV-ers always share openly and honestly for all partners' benefit, appreciate all points of views and perspectives, listen sincerely, and strive to figure out solutions that work for everyone.

Challenging Ourselves Every Day

Every day for GTV-ers is a new challenge. We continuously learn, develop, and confront challenges. GTV always believes in “Do what you have never done to achieve what you have never had.”

Taking 100% Responsibility

Stop complaining, stop blaming, stop making excuses. Taking full responsibility for our decisions and for the collective. Having a clear perspective and finding the best solution. Each employee at GTV embodies a sense of responsibility.


GTV defines integrity simply as consistency in thought, speech, and action. We always keep our promises, do what's right, protect and advocate for the best values for our customers, organization, and team.

Our achievements


SEO local and global projects in various fields


Members in our SEO community group


Subscribers to our YouTube channel for SEO and digital marketing (Vincent Đỗ)


SEO & Marketing students all across Vietnam


SEO Consulting project is carried out


Inbound marketing project has been carried out


Business succeeds thanks to our SEO strategy


Individuals and experts

What Clients Say About GTV's SEO Services?

GTV is the big leader in the SEO world. Outstanding expertise, procedures, capacity to execute, and consulting SEO services. Additionally extremely helpful, their project teams give us thorough instructions.

In regards to delivering on their commitments and achieving results for the project, GTV is extremely reliable and professional.

The strategy and methodology used by GTV are entirely different from those of traditional comprehensive SEO implementation. In addition to far beyond contractual responsibilities, they focus a strong emphasis on structure, schema, and technological factors. GTV is an amazing POPs partner.

The depth and breadth of GTV's knowledge are impressive. They have achieved top rankings in a variety of content categories and raised monthly income by hundreds of millions while solely focusing on website structure, on-page, content, and entity optimization.

Everything is meticulously, thoroughly, and clearly planned by GTV. Their customer service teams are incredibly attentive, provide prompt and solid counsel. Furthermore, GTV wrapped up the deal with many more KPIs accomplished than the ones it had committed to by 4-5 months.

What benefits you will gain from GTV SEO?

Knowledge-Sharing Articles

Start with our articles if this is your first time learning about GTV SEO. GTV Blog, which has more than 89,000 monthly visits, is a complete resource for SEO expertise, covering everything from fundamentals to cutting-edge topics.
Every week, one new article is published to GTV SEO, bringing the total number of articles to over 100, all of which are broken down into different subjects for simple application and learning.

ceo vincent do

SEO Documentation & Practical Tutorial Videos

In addition to our articles, GTV SEO offers you access to a library of more than 160 in-depth, hands-on SEO lesson videos and documents. These resources are all designed to help you apply what you've learned to your practical job.
For anyone trying to improve your inbound marketing SEO strategy, this is a valuable resource!

SEO community - Questions and answers about SEO knowledge

With the intention of sharing SEO expertise, GTV has been developing a strong SEO community. You may share your "interests" in doing SEO by joining the group for free. Or you may simply discuss with the "seniors" about concerns while you learn SEO.

Offline event to update knowledge & share experiences

More than 30,000 SEOers and marketers have participated in our 8 offline events we've organized so far. Do Anh Viet, the GTV SEO CEO, and other well-known professionals in the field will update you on the most recent Inbound SEO news and information at this event.

Online & Offline SEO Course

After investing almost three years actively learning and imparting knowledge, GTV SEO has come to the conclusion that the largest issue you are dealing with is the absence of a structured and proper SEO training programme that makes sure you can use it and accomplish this goal. Be successful in website improvement.
Access to and comprehensive instructions on how we implement SEO for GTV SEO's own website will be provided to you. We comprehend sustainable success, effectiveness, and optimisation in line with Google's most recent algorithm!

Overall SEO Services

Acting as a marketing team of the business, we collaborate with your current marketing team & partners to advise and implement the Overall SEO strategy. From there, the benefits of your brand and sales will be maximized on your SEO investment, contributing to achieving business development goals.

Career opportunities at GTV

GTV SEO Company is always forthcoming and truthful about the career opportunities available to each accompanying member. For every position at GTV, we not only develop particular training paths, but also intricate advancement paths. From there, each GTVer will make an effort to grow gradually. Your ability will determine the pace at which you grow.
At GTV, you'll have daily chances to make a difference and improve yourself. In addition, GTV consistently strives to fulfill each companion member's ambitions in life, including happiness and professional fulfillment.