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With a thorough and long-lasting SEO strategy, GTV SEO's SEO services may help you increase your Google income by ten times.Register now to get a thorough SEO service quotation!


300 million VND/ 8 - 10 months

(< 170 target keywords)

  • 80% top 10
  • 30% top 5
  • Organic Traffic in top 5-10 industries
  • 60% industry information coverage
  • Monthly acceptance
  • Money-back policy, guaranteed results
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450 million VND/ 8-10 months

(170 - 300 target keywords)

  • 100% top 10
  • 80% top 5
  • Organic Traffic in top 3-5 industries
  • 80% industry information coverage
  • Monthly acceptance
  • Money-back policy, guaranteed results
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Contact for details/ Over 12 months

(Unlimited number of keywords)

  • 80% top 5
  • 50% top 3
  • Organic Traffic in top 1-3 industries
  • Full industry information coverage
  • Quarterly or monthly acceptance
  • Money-back policy, guaranteed results
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Note: The SEO pricing table above is an approximate estimate. After consultation, we will offer the most accurate SEO cost based on keyword difficulty, market competitiveness, and company requirements.

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SEO Service Pricing Table

  • The quantity of keywords that need to be optimized and the complexity of them will determine the price of SEO services at GTV SEO .
Keyword Difficulty Package <170 keywords Package >= 170 keywords Package > 300 keywords
Average 1,174,100 VND/word 985,550 VND/word 785,345 VND/word
Difficult 2,367,100 VND/word 1,775,105 VND/word 1,578,650 VND/word
Very Difficult 4,738,100 VND/word 3,542,000 VND/word 3,155,340 VND/word
Keyword Difficulty Package <170 keywords Package >= 170 keywords Package > 300 keywords
Average 1,174,100 VND/word 985,550 VND/word 785,345 VND/word
Difficult 2,367,100 VND/word 1,775,105 VND/word 1,578,650 VND/word
Very Difficult 4,738,100 VND/word 3,542,000 VND/word 3,155,340 VND/word

Note: GTV will not accept the projects having under 100 words. The SEO overall quotation has been attached on our website.

What Benefits Will SEO Have for You?

Website Accessible to Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Every interaction with sponsored advertising costs money, while visiting a website is cost-free. You control the market as soon as you achieve the #1 spot on Google. Customers will actively seek you out and you may offer things anytime, anyplace. Website SEO produces excellent results while also saving you time, money, and effort.

No Worries About Competitive Market Pricing

Being aware that these results are expensive and unnatural, most consumers avoid clicking on Google and Facebook ads. As a result, by investing in long-term SEO, you will get organic, cost-efficient search results that help you reach more potential customers.

Sustainable SEO Investment

SEO is a dependable and sustainable strategy. Not only will a well-optimized website rank tops in Google, but it will also provide consumers useful content. Tens of thousands of visitors per day and maximum income may be projected for a website that is well-optimized and obtains excellent Google visibility.

Price Impacting Factors for SEO Services

Quantity of Pages

The expense of SEO increases when your website has more pages. You might concentrate on optimizing the primary pages initially if your company prefers to go forward incrementally. You may concentrate on the remaining pages after these are secure and rank well.

Current Website Status

Your website's state right now will have an impact on how much SEO will expense. The time and money needed to make repairs to websites that are malware-infected or not SEO-optimized will increase. Also, low-quality sites could need to be created from beginning to end, which would considerably rise the price of SEO.

Current Position & Objectives

The current website will need a lot of time and effort to be optimized if it is brand-new and has no Google rankings, which will result in greater SEO charges. However, the expenses will be substantially cheaper if your website currently has a strong rating and you want to enhance it further. The charges will increase in direct proportion to how ambitious your goals for SEO are.

Quantity of Keywords

Different keyword SEO strategies may be adopted based on scope and budget. If you want to cut investments, you might opt to optimise for simpler keywords if your company has a limited budget. The expense of a keyword SEO service will differ based on the quantity of keywords you want to optimise, so if you have greater funds, you can choose to utilize more.

Keyword Difficulty

Another significant factor that greatly influences SEO price is the complexity of the term. Various amounts of time and resources are required for optimisation depending on the complexity of the keywords. What determines how tough a keyword is based on:

  • Average monthly search volume
  • Length of the keyword
  • Whether the keyword is global or local

Market and Competitors

What industry do you operate in, and who are your rivals? the more competitive the industry is, as well as the stronger and more widespread brand presence of your rivals, The SEO will be more challenging and costly

Website SEO quote process

Customer Data Collecting

We receives the SEO service registration form from the customer, which contains details about the item, SEO goals, website, and list of keywords.

Business analysis

We dive into the company's business model, product distribution system, and marketing strategies

SEO and Inbound Marketing Research

Further research is conducted on competitive rivals, customer personas, searching behaviour, and a list of keywords utilised along the customer's search journey.

SEO Strategy Development

For the purpose of developing a proper SEO strategy that would aid the company in achieving its long-term revenue targets, a website investigation is conducted, and the findings from earlier research are combined.

Planning & Overall SEO Quotation

A customized website SEO service quotation is provided along with a comprehensive SEO strategy that includes a thorough breakdown of activities by timeline.

"For deeper understanding about your company and the growth potential for your website, connect with GTV SEO professionals."

Our Achievements


300% more of the product's targeted leads are generated.


1800 More traffics are increased from 0


100% of keywords ranked in Top 1-2


More organic traffics are increased after 3 months


more traffics than the competors

SEO is Never Just About Rankings and Traffic

Fundamentally, SEO is about fostering and growing connections between companies and potential clients.

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Our SEO services price list

A thorough website health check to find problems that are causing traffic, conversion rates, and ranking difficulties to be low.
Commitment in increasing website traffic, keyword ranks, and conversion rates.

  • Make XML Sitemap and robot.txt files
  • Correct website bugs
  • Remove and manage duplicate data
  • Correct 404 errors and redirects
  • Change from HTTP to HTTPS for security
  • Address problems that may result in Google penalties

  • Keyword research and customer journey optimization
  • SEO-friendly content optimization
  • Information architecture optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Conversion rate and internal link optimization
  • Speed optimization analysis

Gain backlinks of the highest quality by focusing on Google's three E-A-T factors:

  • Promote posts on social media
  • Safe satellite site building
  • Promote news on PR articles
  • Guest posting
  • Develop top-notch content that gets shares and natural backlinks.n

After three months of implementation, we integrated tracking to the website for recording conversions. Then We continued to collaborate with customers to enhance conversions overall.

Develop in-depth content based on inbound marketing concepts to establish long-lasting relationships with users. Turn website visitors into potential customers.

  • Google My Business optimization
  • Create and verify Google Map
  • Local SEO optimization for local keywords
  • Manage reviews and business ratings on Google
  • Optimize website for mobile devices

To improve your brand image, build and sustain a consistent 3D database throughout the website, search engines, and the Internet.

  • Research, analyze, and group product and informational keywords
  • Layer website structure by product categories
  • Optimize content for category and product pages to meet user search intent
  • Optimize on-page navigation and reduce bounce rate
  • Maximize user time spent on the pageg
  • Resolve common e-commerce website issues like keyword cannibalization, thin content, and duplicate content

What benefits may businesses gain from our service?

Our consulting team is always ready to hear from you

  • Within 48 hours of receiving your registration information, our support team will contact you to offer advice and a detailed pricing quotation.
  • To receive the most accurate price, please fill out the form with the necessary details, which allows our team to provide you a thorough consultation and competitive pricing.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! GTV SEO will assist your website in growing sustainably and won't adversely impact it even after project completion thanks to our safe White Hat SEO strategies.
However, having a top 1 website rating doesn't guarantee that you'll stay there indefinitely. In essence, SEO is a race for websites to gain reputation with Google and searchers. Leading websites need to keep becoming better in order to maintain a high position and stay competitive. Sustaining SEO efforts is necessary for five below key reasons, even when you're dominating the market:

  1. Constant keyword optimization is also updated by your rivals.
  2. The present position of your website may change as a result of search engines' ongoing algorithmic updates.
  3. For the purpose of nurturing consumer connections, your website should be updated often.
  4. User search patterns and online market trends are always evolving.
  5. The process of developing a brand takes time and persistent work.

There are five indications that you desire comprehensive SEO solutions:

  1. Google's search results for relevant keywords don't show your website.
  2. The amount of organic visitors to your website is low.
  3. Your site is not optimised for mobile devices.
  4. Leads do not result from traffic.
  5. Technical problems, such as sluggish page loads, duplicate content, and indexing problems, plague your website since content marketing has not been utilized .

For better reach and company effectiveness, SEO is advantageous for almost all industries. However, if you work in one of these fields, you should start planning your entire SEO approach right away:

  • Ecommerce
  • Technology
  • Tourism & Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Cosmetics & Spa
  • Aesthetic Clinics / Dental Clinics
  • Interior Design
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Construction
  • Printing services
  • Other fields

To fulfill the requirements of businesses, GTV SEO delivers a wide variety of online SEO price options. We thoroughly build the quotation for keyword SEO services to ensure the value you receive is in line with your investment in the SEO project.
When assisting our customers, our primary goal is to deliver professional SEO services at an affordable rate. Thus, we conduct research and develop a customised SEO strategy based on the specific needs of each company, rather than using a general strategy.
This calls for a highly skilled and knowledgeable team that can constantly update not only on SEO technicalities but also on Content Marketing and Digital Marketing. What you ultimately gain is a gradual rise in high-qualified leads and calls throughout the years.
Generic SEO strategies for all niches and business types are frequently used by lower-cost SEO agencies. Even worse, in an effort to cut expenses, they hire amateur SEO teams. Limited finances make it impossible for them to ensure quality, particularly for in-depth online resources. As a result, a low-cost SEO solution may not be ideal.

SEO carries challenges of its own, much like many other marketing strategies. Never expect guarantees like "guaranteed top Google rankings" or "100% money back if results are not met" for two reasons:

  1. Google frequently modify its algorithms in an effort to boost your ad investment. Even we at GTV are impacted by these modifications, and it will take at least two months for us to recover and continue website growth.
  2. Wrong keyword decision: Some SEO firms commit to an extended list of keywords with poor search traffic and conversion value. At GTV, we concentrate on high-conversion keywords based on in-depth user behavior research

You certainly can, but doing so will reduce your site's conversion rate. Users utilize a variety of terms with various search intentions during their purchasing journey in the sequence shown below

  • Search for information about the problem
  • Learn ways to solve problems
  • Consider choosing between suppliers on the market
  • Make a decision to use your products or services

When website content is optimized for keywords throughout these four stages, it not only helps potential consumers reach and build connections with it from the first stage when they "have problems but Haven't found a solution yet."

Additionally, enhancing general keywords from a technical perspective forces Google in considering your website to be a trustworthy source in the field, resulting in the development of a more sustainable website.

We are pleased to be one of the leading SEO companies in Ho Chi Minh City for the following four reasons:
Instead of merely "selling keywords," we deliver a method for utilizing SEO to grow your revenues and targeted consumers.

  1. To win over the market, we develop the most cutting-edge SEO techniques
  2. We can develop a long-lasting foundation for your website as a result of our thorough investigation and understanding of Google's algorithm.
  3. We consistently stick to the KPIs set forth for our clients. We persist in working carefully to deliver the greatest outcomes even in challenging situations like the current epidemic.